Dedicated Business Broadband.
     Premium internet access up to 1 Gbps.

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Dedicated Business Broadband

In the new digital era comes new imperatives for business – business depends heavily on reliable Internet connection to access real-time information and support a wide range of web-based application. However if the basic broadband no longer satisfies your organization’s demands, Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) service offers the stable, high-speed connectivity you need for all your critical business functions.


Dedicated Packages

iNET DIA – is an a la cart internet access solution design to suit your organization needs. Please contact us for more detail.

Key Differentiators
Key Differentiators

- Upto 1GB connection
- Bandwidth –on-Demand when required
- Live and 24/7 service with bandwidth monitoring
- High Service Level Agreement (SLA) upto 99.8%

IP Transit

For corporate with own AS number and IP addresses, Innet offer dedicated IP Transit service (IPV4 and IPV6 enabled) upto 1 GB with the lowest latency, best domestic and international routes and the most popular content peering.